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Marketplace for Social Activities
Marketplace for Innovations
Mood Management Extension

Marketplace for Social Activities™
Imagine a global system that enables any company or organization worldwide to easily post special offers to target not only potential customers, but also willing and interested customers. A system that delivers the best local, national or global special offers with appealing ads direct to interested customers at the exact time a company or organization wants their message to be seen. Such a system is the Marketplace for Social Activities.       

Marketplace for Innovations™
The path from innovative idea to finished product is long and bumpy. It’s even more difficult for small independent innovators to turn their ideas into real selling products or services. The crucial point in every innovation development is finding interested and reliable marketing partners, willing to invest their time and money into the opportunity. Here the Marketplace for Innovations™ comes into play.       

Mood Management Extension
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Innovative Smart Systems Ltd.
Innovative Smart Systems Ltd. is a committed client-focused company. The managing team of highly skilled professionals has long-term experience in various international software projects. ISS Ltd. provides full range of software related services - design, development, support, consulting, analysis and innovative suggestions.       

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