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Marketplace for Social Activities

Imagine a global system that enables any company or organization worldwide to easily post special offers to target not only potential, but also willing and interested customers. A system that delivers the best local, national or global special offers with appealing ads direct to interested customers at the exact time a company or organization wants their message to be seen. Such a system is the Marketplace for Social Activities.

There are many on-line deal-of-the-day markets currently on the Web. What they generally lack is the respectful approach to their customers. Right after a customer signs in, he starts receiving e-mails full with offers or ads that are of little interest to him. These e-mails are actually spamming the customer and lowering his user experience. On the other hand, the merchants utilize various consumer-spying techniques, such as data mining, business intelligence or sales analysis; in order to find out the potentially desirable products or services for each customer.

The Marketplace for Social Activities uses a novel concept of matching special offers to customers by means of social activities. Activities used by the people in their everyday life, which are of certain value or interest to them. The system allows on the one hand the merchants to freely post targeted special offers (incl. free offers) for goods, services or events, and on the other hand the customers to receive prompt notifications, over the Internet or mobile communication networks, only for special offers that are of value or interest to them.

Advantages of the Marketplace for Social Activities are the ability of merchants to target only the willing and interested customers, and the promptness of the system to provide notifications about new special offers to the interested customers over the Internet or mobile communication networks. The merchants also receive prompt online information about the customers that accept or reject their offers and may provide additional benefits to regular or returning customers.

The philosophy of the project is to avoid the current way of spamming people with useless ads that make them buy goods or services they don’t actually need, and provide a non-intrusive system that keeps people informed about special deals or events, only when they are of value or interest to them. Such a system can contribute to the relaxation, satisfaction and better user experience of the customers and merchants, in general.

Marketplace for Innovations™
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Mood Management Extension
(More information is coming soon.)

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