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Discountinied Products:
ISS Smart Flow
Jitterbits Dictionary
MAD Tool for Contact-less Smart Cards
Open Platform Tool for Contact Smart Cards

Products and Services

  • ISS Smart Flow™ - Discontinued
    Smart Flow is the ISS internally-used process and document management system. It is aimed to the managers who need their daily work neatly organized, and the information easily available. Smart Flow provides automatic filling-in of frequently used electronic documents, by using document templates and separating the data from the documents. The frequently used work processes could be easily separated as workflow templates.

  • Jitterbits Dictionary™ - Discontinued
    Jitterbits Dictionary is a small, yet powerful "must-have" translation tool. It utilizes multiple dictionaries within multiple language translations (dictionary packages). Jitterbits Dictionary comes in two editions - one for the Desktop PC, and one Pocket PC devices. The desktop version is a useful translation tool for the desktop or laptop PCs, taking low space on your hard drive, and in memory. Pocket PC version is specially tuned for performance and low memory utilization on Pocket PC devices.

  • MAD Tool for Contact-less Smart Cards - Discontinued
    Tool for Phillips Mifare cards users utilizing Mifare Application Directory (MAD) infrastructure. Features creation and removal of MAD applications on card, reading and changing application data, changing application attributes and keys.

  • Open Platform Tool for Contact Smart Cards - Discontinued
    Tool for Visa Open Platform/Global Platform v.2.0.1 smart cards, such as IBM JCOP cards, Schlumberger Cyberflex Access family, Gemplus XPresso cards, etc. Features uploading and installing cardlets, deleting instances and load files, instance selection and security domain authentication. Supports all three levels of security - none, MAC and MAC+ENC.


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