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MAD Tool for Contact-less Smart Cards
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MAD Tool for Contact-less Smart Cards - Discontinued

MAD Tool for Phillips Mifare cards eases work with contact-less smart cards utilizing Mifare Application Directory (MAD infrastructure. The tool allows creation and removal of MAD applications on card, reading and changing application data, changing application attributes and keys.


  • MAD Tool allows you to specify the reader type and detect available contactless readers of that type.
  • MAD Tool allows you format and unformat Phillips Mifare card. Card format creates Mifare Application Directory structure on card and makes card available to MAD infrastructure.
  • MAD Tool allows you to read and write MAD formatted cards within reach, depending on your keys (credentials) provided at the time of authentication.
  • MAD Tool allows you to define, create or remove MAD card applications.
  • MAD tool allows you to change MAD application data or keys.


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